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A window trip to middle earth: Iao River #Maui

September 19, 2011



Iao Valley is one of these really amazing monuments on Maui. Its easy to drive up here and take short hikes up to look at the geologic wonder that the Iao Needle is.

There is a lot of Hawaiian history in this spot, huge battles fought, keep an eye out for the storyboards that give you a history lesson.

I measured the distance for getting dropped off here, and plan to do a future long run from here, in the 5 to 10 mile range.

The river is nice and cold, a great way to cool your bones off during the summer. The lower park area called Kepanawai Park has pavillions and picnic tables. The upper area of the park is more benches and walkways, we go here to walk to the top and around the lo’i gardens.

The ginger is blooming right now, it smells wonderful. The valley is very green.